Nurturing children with utmost care!

Great things come in small packages and tiny tots are bundles of joy. Life seems so beautiful for tiny tots at the tender age. Everything around them looks colourful with full of fun and vibrant joys.

The sight of new things to explore, learn and experience the world of sounds, rhythm, flowers, and activities to discover engulfs them. They are full of curiosity to learn and understand interesting things. Life is full of energy for them to do so. Each child is unique in his own way. It's only our responsibility to train them in the right path of life and help them have an overall development.

In the competitive world of today, there is an urgent need to start as early as possible and make children ready for tomorrow. Pre-primary education aims to mould children in early days keeping in mind their future. Pre-school, Kindergarten and Elementary school teachers play a vital role in the development of children by imparting values, attitude and aptitude, personal hygiene, language and behaviour.

Fulfill With Love

Our play school is child centric and “a home away from home” for very young children. Here, every student is well-cared for and respected regardless of diversity.

Full Day Programs

Daily programs of Play School caters to the needs of the beginners of schooling with focus on developing conceptual learning, communication skills and values.

Funny and Happy

A great educational journey begins with a joyful kindergarten experience. The Play School is with you while your child is taking the first step towards being independent.

Enough Play Area

There is enough play equipment and sufficient space to accommodate the students in the play area.It is a phenomenal little world for these toddlers to embark on the journey of schooling.


Stimulated Curriculum

The Play School is a well designed pre-school with stimulating curriculum and areas marked for different activities for children.


Ample staff

The school is well maintained and there is ample staff to help the children with the basic dependencies.


Teacher : Student Ratio

An ideal teacher student ratio is maintained so that proper attention is paid to every child.